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SOA Engagement Lead

Posted by: Modis International

Posted date: 2012-Jul-02

Location: London, UK


Engagement Lead at British Airways



British Airways Service Factories have been set up to design and develop services to support the Common Architecture. The Central Service Factory delivers core component and general business services and we are looking to supplement our existing resources with one or more Engagement Lead roles.


Role Synopsis

The Engagement Lead is a key role within the Central Service Factory, ideally suited to an individual with strong design skills, who also has the ability and desire to retain a hands-on technical presence. Successful candidates will have strong inter-personal skills, which will be key when liaising with the various stakeholders with an interest in the services you deliver.


Ideal Candidate

·        Based at Heathrow.

·        Broad BA technical architecture knowledge

·        Good general SOA skills

·        Good Progress technical knowledge. Our SOA development is based on the Progress toolset, SONIC and DXSI in particular.

·        Good understanding of BA platform technical standards and processes

·        Able to lead and challenge


Common Architecture Engagement Lead Role Profile

The main responsibilities are to be the key contact for a service consumer project and to provide consultancy on how best to leverage the Common Architecture.


Engagement Leads are responsible for the overall service design and work with the Service Architect to ensure that the delivered services are fit for purpose (Functional and Non-Functional)


The Engagement Lead is also responsible for code quality and performance and the interfaces with the back end providers.


The Engagement Lead can work on more than one service at a time.


Reports to:

Service Factory Portfolio Manager


Works with:

·        Service Architect

·        Service Analyst

·        Consuming Project Lead Designer

·        Service Designer

·        Service Tester

·        Service Developer

·        CDIT Team (DXSI and Exchange Model development)

·        Common Architecture (SOA) Centre Of Excellence



Specific Responsibilities

·        Approve the Service definition and data requirements summary spreadsheet

·        Ensure that the mandatory artifacts required by CDIT are available prior to raising the work request for development of the Service Exchange Model (SXM).

·        Approve the SXM before taking handover from CDIT

·        Complete code reviews during the development and deployment cycles and prior to deployment onto managed environments

·        Approve the Technical Design Overview and the Technical Options Evaluation document

·        Ensure that the service metadata and design and implementation details have been updated in the CA repository.

·        Approve the service contract with the service architect

·        Approve test objectives for the service produced by the service tester and ensure accuracy and completeness.

·        Ensure all support documentation is complete and hand over to the IT Operations Support team

·        Be the point of contact for the IT Ops Support team for all deployment and testing issues.

·        Approve the implementation plan produced by the service designer


Additional Responsibilities

·        Facilitate dialogue between the consuming project team and SOA Centreof Excellence.

·        Work with the consuming project lead designer and the service factory service analyst to demonstrate the following:

§          A stable project high-level design.

§          A prioritised requirements list and design artefacts (process and application BPMN)

§          A Delivery Project ASM has been engaged

·        Ensure that Common Architecture standards, patterns and policies are applied at each stage of the service delivery lifecycle.

·        Raise infrastructure services requests with IT Ops/ IT Security

·        Raise deployment requests through the QICCA environment

·        Liaise with the Amadeus Web Services Working Group for Amadeus Certification.

How to Apply

Please forward your CV to Ross Stevenson to apply and for further information

Tel: 01438 345217

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